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In the Scriptures there is first the creation of God and then the building of God. At the conclusion of the work of God’s creation there was the garden of Eden, and at the conclusion of the work of God’s building there is the holy city, the New Jerusalem. With the tree of life, there was a flowing river, and in the flow of the river there were precious materials for the building. In the last two chapters of Revelation there is a city built up with these precious materials, a city of gold, pearl, and precious stones. This reveals that after God’s creation, God intends to do another work—to build Himself into man and to build man into Himself. God placed man before the tree of life because God’s intention was to build man with God by his experience of God as life.


To build God a house according to the revealed pattern of scripture, that will satisfy His desire to dwell with us on earth, until His permanent house (The New Jerusalem) comes down from the heavens to unite everything under the rule of Jesus Christ the Lord.


To see the Kingdom of God come, and the will of God be done, on earth as it is in heaven.


To labour concerning the restoration of the apostolic life/culture of the church

To promote and preserve the heritage of EMI, our apostolic family.

To Labour concerning the maturation of the sons of God.

To develop a biblical leadership model, which emulates multiplicity of elders and consensus leadership.

To develop corporate intercession as a priority for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

To develop corporate apostolic worship as an instrument of judgment to purify and rule the heavens.

To restore the missionality of apostolicity.

To provide discipleship in the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

To procure and create custom-made discipleship materials to address the specific needs of the congregation.

To help parents and children understand their role and function in the Kingdom.

To facilitate the process of equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry.

To train and equip leaders to influence the 7 spheres of society

To train, equip and commission apostolic teams to reach the world with the gospel of the kingdom.

To write, record and distribute relevant kingdom building resources.

To Prepare the church to birth the five-fold ministry to serve the Body of Christ according to His grace.

To facilitate spiritual presbyteries to help identify the believer’s birth right.

To revive, restructure and restore the universal church back to God’s original pattern.

We believe that the Church is One, it’s Holy, it’s Apostolic, and it’s Universal.
We believe that the Church is the pillar of truth in society.
We believe in the complete Bible and its progressive revelation.
We believe in the present operation of the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory of Jesus Christ the Lord.
We believe in the present-day function of apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists.
We believe in the power of the process of discipleship.
We highly esteem humanity as the crown of God’s creation.
We believe in outworking our calling in the seven mountains of the kingdom of God.