10 Historical Lessons Regarding the War in Ukraine

We are presently witnessing a war in Ukraine. A historical cyclical pattern repeats itself as it relates to the emergence of a multi-polar global order (when there are at least three powerful nations in the world who compete for world […]

10 Reasons Why Jesus is the Big Story for Everyone’s Story

According to Hebrews 2:10, all things come from, to, and through Jesus. This has vast implications for how we should view the purpose of humanity and creation. Consequently, Jesus is the metanarrative of the cosmos, not just the Gospels. Every […]

If Every Gift Comes from God, Why Thank Anyone Else?

How can we genuinely thank anyone but God? If God is sovereign over all things, what role do people themselves play? I just listened to APJ 1195, “How Does God’s Sovereignty Not Violate Our Decision-Making?” but as these truths are […]

Contrasting a Victim From a Victorious Mindset

I have lived in NYC for over six decades and have observed many kinds of people: those with a victim mentality and those with a victor mentality. In this article, I will examine some traits that are distinct to each […]