The Science of Improving Motivation at Work – Beata Souders

All motivation comes from within, whether it is triggered by rewards or endeavors that enhance one’s self-image or simply comes from intrinsically-motivating activities that we engage in for no reward other than the enjoyment these activities bring us. Realizing this […]

Greetings and Happy New Year-Apostle John M Boney

Dear Brethren: Greetings and Happy New Year! 2019 proved to be a year of special challenge for many, having started with great expectations and high hopes which, in many cases were not fulfilled or realized. Several times during the second […]

Having A Form Of Godliness

Article by Apostle Jonas Clark A form of godliness includes religious spirits having a caretaker mentality with a don’t-rock-the-boat mindset. Religious spirits offer some of the greatest spiritual warfare you will face. Jesus said, “Let the dead bury their dead: […]

10 Powerful Forms of Seduction We Need to be Aware of

Article by: Bishop Joseph Mattera Seduction towards evil and away from God has been prevalent throughout history ever since the fall of humankind. The fact that we see all kinds of seduction resulting in leadership scandals in the Body of […]

Biblical Standards for Leadership in an Age of Scandal

In an age of an Evangelical church culture that is fraught with scandals, we must continually remind and ground ourselves in the biblical criteria for leadership. Otherwise, we will lose our credibility within our churches and before the world. In […]