Get Behind Me, Sluggard – Four Lessons Against Laziness

Article by Scott Hubbard – Editor, If you look deep inside yourself, you may notice, to your dismay, the presence of a singularly unattractive creature. You’ll need to look carefully, because he doesn’t move quickly (or sometimes at all). He […]

7 Things God Wants Seniors to Know

Janet Thompson Seniors often lament, “Growing old is not for wimps.” God designed our bodies to age, which can mean more aches, pains, and doctors’ visits than we’d like to experience. We don’t have the same energy or dexterity of […]

Seven Signs of Emotionally Emasculated Men

PERSPECTIVES WITH JOSEPH MATTERA Emotionally emasculated men deviate from their inherent male role or identity, rendering themselves ineffective or weaker due to insecurity or being dominated by a boss, peer pressure, or their spouse. In Job 38, God exhorted Job […]

Investing in the Kingdom as Humanism Collapses

By Mark R. Rushdoony June 13, 2023 An Interview with Mark Rushdoony Some might ask, “Why does God allow this ebb and flow in history where a Biblical faith prevails, but then statism prevails?” Yes, it’s a little discouraging, but we […]

Finishing Well

By John Bevere There is a hidden virtue that, in essence, is the key to all of life. It unlocks the purpose of your existence and attracts the presence, protection and providence of your Creator. In fact, its rewards are so […]