10 Powerful Forms of Seduction We Need to be Aware of

Article by: Bishop Joseph Mattera Seduction towards evil and away from God has been prevalent throughout history ever since the fall of humankind. The fact that we see all kinds of seduction resulting in leadership scandals in the Body of […]

Biblical Standards for Leadership in an Age of Scandal

In an age of an Evangelical church culture that is fraught with scandals, we must continually remind and ground ourselves in the biblical criteria for leadership. Otherwise, we will lose our credibility within our churches and before the world. In […]

10 Signs You Have Bowed Your Knee to Baal

Article By Bishop Joseph Mattera Baal was a false god the feckless Jewish King Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel attempted to force upon the nation of Israel during the time of Elijah the Prophet (see 1 Kings 18). Consequently, […]


Article by Apostle Jonas Clark Socialism’s utopian illusion is sweeping our Western culture. Will socialism destroy the America we have all known? We have heard much about the rise of socialism in our nation. Does socialism affect you? Will it […]

Understanding Apostolic Ministry

Article by Apostle Jonas Clark We read in Christian media remarkable feats of great evangelists who are “taking nations” and “impacting the world for Christ.” Images of the masses tightly crowded together in stadiums waiting for God’s man of faith […]

Understanding the Vast Authority of the Body of Christ

Article by Bishop J Mattera As I attempt to read Scripture objectively, I am usually greatly impressed with the fact that I have yet to fully comprehend the vast authority God has granted to His people related to participating in […]