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The below terms and conditions set out your rights and obligations with respect to your use of our digital media resources. Many hours were spent putting together these recordings and publications. You are about to download or purchase our products, which means that hopefully your purchase of this information has value for you. Your placement of a download request at our web site constitutes your agreement that these policies apply to the free download or purchase order you placed.

  1. All prices advertised on the Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries International (KMNI) website are in United States Dollars – USD, If a link from our web site takes you off site to Amazon Product the prices are also in USD.
  2. eBook download links are only active for 72 hours (3 days) from time of download request or purchase.
  3. Our products are not for electronic broadcast and must not be re-distributed.
  4. It may well be that your friends, neighbours and fellow disciples consider our ministry messages and free eBooks are valuable enough to ask you for a copy. We would then suggest that it is valuable enough to ask they or you should purchase or download another copy at our website.
  5. Your email address and First Name are used to send you and encrypted copy of our eBooks.
  6. KLMI DOES ENDORSE others listening or reading the electronic information with you on your personal computer or device.
  7. KLMI DOES NOT endorse the downloaded files being forwarded to others free of charge.

It is the online sales, verbal referrals to our website that assists our ministry to continue an online presence. After all you will notice, we keep the our product price’s low enough that just about anyone should be able to afford a purchase. We do want to honor the Lord’s work by making his teachings on the Kingdom of God widely accessible and within a price range that maintains your and our online digital experience. Thank you for time and your consideration in this matter, may the Lord bless you as you Watch/Listen/Read His word from KLMI website.