God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations and that he would have a son. By virtue of this revelation, God introduced himself at the progenitor and sustainer of Fatherhood. However, in Genesis 16 Sarah suggests […]

How You Can Get Free From The Orphan Spirit

Haunted By Fear Of Rejection And Failure? Who am I and where do I belong? This is a fundamental question that virtually everyone is forced to answer. I think there are fascinating insights embedded in the following story. At Gilboa, […]

Building Model Leaders

Article by Malcolm Webber HOW DO WE DO IT There is a lack of leadership in the church today. Without Healthy Leaders, the people are like sheep without a shepherd. The ultimate test of your leadership is if you can […]

Loving The LORD as a Mature Son

Love is a complex idea, and hard to communicate intelligently, without coming unstuck. There are few things so universal and yet so challenging, especially love for God. Take for example the conversation between Jesus and Peter. Peter betrayed the Lord, […]

Something For Nothing

Article by John Garfield The mental model of getting something for nothing isn’t scriptural, but it does have a root in Christianity (and in me)! We freely give because we freely received. But what we received came because Jesus (God […]